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5D Film Production

Full film production using any or all available techniques to effectuate energy movement on higher vibrational levels. Employing a profound understanding of the mechanics, psychology and metaphysics of cinematic vision.

We work with Quantum Potential Field shaping, sypathetic vibration linking, isolated beneficial finer energetic information transmission and narrative potential focusing.

5D Lux can offer full or part assistance on your film, television, theatre or interactive media production to add a deeper and higher layers to story, design, stage, audience space, audience interaction energy, memory, and overall project experience. From pre- to mid- to post-production.

5D Post Conversion is one of the many possibilities.

Working with 5DLux means Retention of pure, focussed intention througout any project to ensure energy purity for the entire duration of the project including delivery. This will allow intention to come to fruition without energetic hindrance.

Buddha Yantra Ba Gua Flower of Life Trinity

5D, 4D, 3D and 2D Film, Television and Theatre Production

We start with the known and turn that up to its maximum level for physical sensory overload.  Working with the highest possible resolutions, quality and detail to convince the senses of the image presented being real.  This is the starting point.

After introduction of sensory overload we move on to neurological, elementary atomic and quantum vibrational applications of communication. Beyond simple suspension of disbelief we remove the referencing visual and cognitive framework and eventually bring the audience into a dream state where all presented imagery is accepted as being a reality by the audience.  Working with the resonance frequencies of the elements themselves we can affect the very being of the audience instantly.  By presenting information on a quantum level we can then go even further and affect the make-up behind the atomic reality of the audience with instant effects of controlled intensity, effectiveness and duration.

Content-wise, we operate in the mental arena.  Working with psychological factors to go for deepest level acceptance with the audience.  Working with present, past and future.  Not just a passive sensory acceptance of the presented content but an active mental interaction with the story and image, blurring the lines of sensory input, memory, dream and current reality.  Ultimately for the ability to go beyond mere entertainment and to move, change, deeply awaken, complete and to fulfil the audience.


5D Glasses, Object, Food
Wearable or Consumable Finer Energetic Information Carriers

5D Glasses are 3D or 2D specs informed with specific energy signatures. This beneficial energy information can be applied to any wearable item or consumable food to accompany your film, television or theatre production - or completely on their own.

Any possible type of finer vibrational information can be informed into particular organic and metallic matter by means of a unique energy-copying technique. We can now transmit a particular emotion or a healing aspect of a plant or isolated organic component and/or activate specific energy flows and centers within the body, simply by informing the object or food of your choice.

A few examples: Relieving headache or back pain, inducing relaxation or excitement, opening the Heart or the Third Eye, even slimming and wrinkle reduction - if you know of a source energy / product that does this, copying this information is possible.

5D Cinema Chair5D Glasses5D Popcorn5D Drink

With 5D glasses, the great benefit of working with clip-on tags is the ease of distribution, the ready presence of 3D glasses in cinemas worldwide and the great number of glasses and shades wearers within the audience. Having direct contact with the nose bridge, forehead and the temples allows for direct intereaction with the brain, its pineal and pituitary glands, the Third Eye and the connection to the spine and its Kundalini current.

One can inform anything from armbands, necklaces, seat covers, caps and hats, socks, water, candy wrappers, popcorn containers, cardboard, stickers, phone tags, jewelry and so forth. The applications can be as powerful and unique as you can imagine, enforcing the energy, concept and vision of your production on the deepest audience experience level possible.

The fact that these tags and wearable items can be taken home, re-ordered and imprinted with any variety of energetic information, emitting for a chosen duration of time, makes this product a truly powerful and unique extension to any media and standalone production.

Emotion Track

Emotion Track is a unique service developed by 5DLux to record and play back any emotions recorded as performed by an actor. This can be the same actor as the one playing the character on screen or a specialist emotion actor. The audience can now experience these recorded emotions through regular image and sound in film, on television and online. There is the option of installing electro-magnetic and etheric emitters in theatres for cinema and live performance.

Emotion Track recording


5D Script writing / Screenwriting / editing / doctoring

Film is story. Character action is story. Emotion is memory. Story can be used to allow the audience to reflect, balance the self, play out fictional scenrios and ultimately heal and lighten the load: enlighten. Real life is a story that does not follow a three-act structure and people are not archetypes (job descriptions). Look more closely at human psychology, natural rhythms and patterns on Earth, on a Solar and on a Cosmic scale and you will get a much better sense of what are natural stories, real characters and emotional truths that connect with us all.

Transformational, alchemical, awakening and enlightening story telling. Scripts that put human dialogue and action from the Heart central. A solid integration of metaphysical techniques and story-driven references to energy effecting mystical elements, sacred geometry, story archetypes and much more. This is 5D script writing.

Employing the concept of Film as a Person and film structure as the Temple of Man. Story as the astrological landscape, a reflection of the Zodiac and its 365 refractions of the complete multitude of circles of divine power.

The concept of holding the totality of the Cosmos in mind to access any and all of its energies is represented in the execution of the 'Magical Theatre'. This deeply magical and empowering concept is but one of the techniques from the 5D script writing toolbox that can be employed for your project.

Magic Cauldron Holy Grail Klein Bottle Thoth Mercurius

5D Music and Sound production

Sound and music production that has energetically activating, transformational, elementary harmonic and higher vibrational metaphysical effects. This can be part of your film, television, theatre or multi-media project or be pure music production to spec.


Visualization of higher concepts

2D or 3D visualization of special projects that require deep esoteric, etheric and/or mystical understanding and knowledge of higher energetic techniques to fully understand and work with effectively.

We can offer retention of pure focussed intention througout the project to ensure energy purity for the entire project.

By working with 5Dimensional focus, your product or building will be built in higher dimensions before its construction it in the real world. This allows for higher energetic interaction and assistance on multiple levels of reality. Synchronicities occurring in the process becomes a standard modus operandus.

Backyard pyramid daytime Puramis pyramid at night

Wokshops, Masterclasses & Talks

We can talk about our passion for 5D subjects and especially 5D media production for hours on end. In fact, that might just be what you are after for your Course, Masterclass, Workshop, Conference, Round table discussion, Radio or television programme, Interview, Research or other Publication.

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