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We are currently working on the development of multiple projects, ranging from film to commercials, television series to music. The subjects of these projects are pure healing, proof of concept, informative childrens entertainment and alchemical level molecular entertainment.

Please do contact us should you be interested in receiving more information on these projects in development. And do get in touch to discuss any type of possible collaboration with 5DLux. We embrace new project ideas, new product types, new angles and new market potential.


Contact 5D Lux:
info @ 5dlux . com
Tel. +44 1179 441 449

Human Body Elemental Makeup



We propose the practical development of a cinematic presentation system that goes far beyond the current technical abilities of projection technologies. This is to be a multi-level system of entertainment and audience interaction, indistinguishable from the wakeful, conscious dream experience.

Application is to be within a wide range of large audience cinematic audiences, smaller scale special venue and event presentation and personal home enjoyment.

The ideas and techniques employed will lie on the crossroads of Einstein, Bohr, Jung, Plato, Gurdjieff, Goethe, Eisenstein, Hitchcock, Shakespeare and Sophocles. The results will be a next generation of entertainment creating a next level of application potential.

Contact 5DLux for more information and conversation on this projection system proposal.

Black Hole is a short movie project in which all the visual effects are done in-camera. No VFX used.

Cinematography: Kasimir Lehto
Based on script by: Kasimir Lehto

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