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Are you a director, producer, visual or sound artist looking to go much, much deeper with your content, to take your project to a next level? Would you like to project your actos' emotions directly, adding a whole new level of realism to your work? 5-D Film techniques are all about higher level operation - we work with higher concepts, higher technology and cutting edge research results. Change your audience on a deep level, tell a story with pure humanity and heart. Your content can open up portals to a place where entertainment meets pure light.

Very high tech spec production is a speciality of 5DLux since using the high resolutions and framerates approximating maximum physical human sensory abilities is an integral part of producing content that is to resonate with our higher energetic bodies. Let us know if you are looking for UHD 3D, 4D, 4K, HDR and/or HFR production, since we can provide such technical solutions.

17Hz Water Cymatic

We are very much interested in growing our business to reach larger audiences with even more impact. Besides cinema, television and online film productions there is the potential of music (video) application, paper and digital print and many harmonizing, healing, stimulating and awakening product and merchandising opportunities.

Please do contact us should you be interested in any type of collaboration with 5DLux. We embrace new project ideas, new possible 5D techniques, new product concepts, new market potential and expansion means to make all this potential a reality.

Contact 5D Lux:
info @ 5dlux . com
Tel. +44 1179 441 449
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